“Memo to the science officer in chief: Having experts advise you on whose ass potentially to kick will not be widely viewed as competent leadership.”

Jonathan Gurwitz at JewishWorldReview.com writes about the fawning, panting comparison that was made a couple years back between a certain rather aloof Star Trek character and the Current Occupant. It would be a much funnier column if it was a humorous subject. In case no one has noticed, Spock is a fictional character.

Of course, Organizers, in general, are not exactly stereotyped as people known for kicking ass. They’re known for helping you arrange your towels and Tupperware in the most efficient and pleasing ways possible. How that makes anyone capable of being President of the United States is a conclusion beyond my ability to comprehend.

Petulant boys who have reached the age where they shave and make babies are excellent at doing war dances and mating rituals to attempt to prove they are capable of leading the pack. It does NOT mean they are capable of actually leading, and they often get their asses kicked in the process of learning what they need to know.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Jumping around in those ridiculous golf shorts is NOT helping him actually look as though he could kick some ass. Heh.

    As I have pointed out previously, if you have to appeal publicly for respect for your authority, you ain’t got any.

    1. You got that right – talking is not leading. Talking is talking. Leadership is action. Preferably from the FRONT.

      I guess the golf shorts appeal to a certain urban female type. I wouldn’t want my children to be fathered by such a preening dork, but hey, that’s just me.

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