UPDATED! Longest-serving senator no longer serving – AKA “Senile Old Fool Finally Turns in His Lunch Pail”

Thanks, SoberHorseThief at Bile Offload! SHT has some other headline suggestions, I use here the one I like best.

It is said you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. I wonder why that is, will look into it later. So I’ll let Michelle Malkin speak for me. She writes better than I anyway, it’s why they pay her.

Here’s the AP story at The DC Caller.

And the Wiki entry – Robert C. Byrd
November 20, 1917 – June 28, 2010

UPDATE: Not that anyone I know personally really gives a rat’s rear, but I just had occasion to read what Richard McEnroe has over at Three Beers Later. Oh, it’s SO much better than the AP fluff! Thanks, Richard, for such gems as this:

Byrd is also the only Senator to have voted against both African American nominees to the supreme court, both a liberal (Marshall) and a conservative (Thomas). Since he voted against both, it’s hard to imagine that it was political ideology that was his motivation.

Political ideology? The man had no motivation beyond his reverence for himself. If you’ve ever driven through the state of West Virginia, the beauty is marred regularly by signs proclaiming a commemorative highway, street, mountain, vista, park, stream, bridge or cloud. Important little prick, wasn’t he.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    I think my favorite headline was “The Kleagle Has Landed (in Hell)” at Wizbang.

  2. Oh, yeah, that’s good, too! What I found really surprising was some comments I read somewhere that poo-poo’ed the KKK thing because, well, you know he never advanced above the local level, and he really wasn’t in the KKK for very long, really. If I remember correctly – and I might not – MOST KKK’s were “local,” it’s where they did most of their ‘work.’

  3. Satan has a new right hand man.

    1. Oh, I think Byrd was among those at the right hand of Satan before he ever died – THIS is the world where the devil does his best work, after all.

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