Bilge — and Happy Canada Day!

This has been a week I have no wish to repeat. I haven’t been sleeping well. Tinnitus is AWFUL. I think my hearing must be getting worse, too. Great combination, eh? My feet hurt because I seem to spend my whole day standing. Granted, it’s a real pleasure to stand in my newly redone kitchen, but my feet don’t seem to appreciate that gratitude and reverse the swelling and soreness. Oh, who am I trying to kid – my feet always hurt, whether I’m standing all day or not. Last but likely not least, the unsettled weather has my hands aching almost as if it’s Winter.

My favorite new T-shirt says “Thou Shalt Not Snivel.” So, this isn’t a snivel, it’s a recitation of facts on the way to getting some Voltaren gel on my hands and then early to bed. Tomorrow is another day, Thursday is my favorite day of the week, and I think I have something yummy to cook in my snazzy kitchen.

Hey, Life Is Good. Independence Day is this weekend! But first…

Happy Canada Day!

I found a very neat vid on youtube to put here, from the Calgary Herald…but something’s wrong with my computer and it won’t upload or find it after it’s done…and when I tried to embed the code, it disappeared when I hit update.

We’ve joined forces with Universal Music and managed to get Marianas Trench, Stars, Down With Webster and a bunch of other acts more Canadian than Bryan Adams’s chesterfield to personally wish you a happy Canada Day. There’s just one conditon: you’ll have to take a quiz first.

All those bands and more have put together a video quiz to test your knowledge of Canadian trivia.

Head over to’s YouTube page to get started. There, Tyler from Theory of a Deadman will give you the lowdown on how to play along. And don’t sweat it; if you know what a Heritage Minute commercial is, you’re golden.

Unless you can provide us with a doctor’s note that proves that maple syrup runs through your veins and/or you’re the love child of Burton Cummings and Anne Murray, you’re just going to have to take the test. Go on. It would be unpatriotic not to.


Go take the Calgary Herald quiz “How Canadian Are You?” I hope it works for you!



  1. You will get a well deserved vacation this week, Mama! Happy Independence Day!

  2. I still have to do laundry and clean house and fix meals for your dad, Sweetie. Thankfully on Sunday the Pixie will be the ONLY ONE HERE with me ALL DAY!

  3. Confederation Day when we lived in Alberta. But that was from 1968 to 1971.

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