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Technical Equipment definitions and usage (thanks, Kae!)

I saw these over at Kae’s awhile ago, and since I have neither the time nor the inclination to post blather about any of the political commentaries I read, I thought I’d put it here for you to read and delight in. And please, feel free to add your own in comments, if you have […]

It’s Tuesday! (Only Tuesday? sheesh…)

I’m busy! Do yourself a favor, and go read the words of the great Dr. Thomas Sowell at Wish I had time to parse and comment, but it’s just not the way my life goes. For now. How Smart Are We? Elites may have more brilliance, but those who make decisions for society as […]

And speaking of Canada…(yes, I did – read the last post if you don’t believe me)

I feel I must add…we like to watch curling when the Winter Olympics come around. Yes, really.

Immigrants — Good or Bad? (Looks like Wednesday means John Stossel’s column)

A long long time ago, my parents took my brother, my sister, and me and emigrated to Canada. My grandmother and great aunt already lived there, teaching school in a farming community in southern Alberta. If I remember correctly, my parents had to be sponsored and one of them had to have a job on […]

“The Eagle has landed”

I’ve just been reminded of why the date seems…significant to me. On this date in 1969, those words were first uttered to an adoring and astounded little girl on the vast expanse of wind-blown grasslands known as Southern Alberta. had this posted in 2002, the 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing. On July […]

Daily Guidepost

We have a book of meditations and inspirations called Daily Guideposts. I read it when I get up in the morning…usually. The entry for Saturday was so beautiful, I have to post it here. Maybe it will inspire you in some way. GIVE LOVINGLY For months I’d looked forward to my niece Allison’s wedding. I […]

Futbol in America – if I’d seen this during that worldwide spectacle, I’d have put it up then.

I’m with Mallard Fillmore (thanks to I haven’t been able to find time for reading, posting, commentary, or much else to do with this blog. I’m thinking I’ll just post cartoons, if necessary! Wonder if the Danes have any I can borrow…