Aloha Friday — on Saturday!

I’m in a crappy mood. REALLY crappy, worst one in many many moons. And for more than a day. *sigh* As a result, I’m not reading any news articles or even too much commentary on World Events. Right now I don’t give a rat’s rear if the whole thing falls down in a heap of dust.

I tried to post these yesterday morning, but have screwed something up to make WordPress not post videos. Trying a new way…

So, once again, here’s the song I woke up to nearly every Friday morning for almost 3 years:

Need cheering up like I do? Here’s something I had the honour to be part of in 2005:

It has been taught to me that a heart filled with gratitude has no room for resentment. Workin’ on it.

Here’s something I have yet to be part of, though My Chief has ridden a mission or two, and I hope to go along one day.

I would love to see small-town parades again:



  1. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    I know I’m late in commenting, KC, and maybe your mood has gotten better, but…

    Be of good cheer. We are fighting back against the forces that are destroying our freedoms and liberties and we’ve got some victories under our belts. The Restoration is moving forward.

    Even if we fail, we have done the right thing and our duty. Buck-up!


    1. You’re not late, Bob…holiday weekends are like this…

      Summer in Florida PLUS the Traitors and lowlife bureaucrats in the administration are enough to try the patience of saints, and G-d knows I ain’t one of those.

      I know money would help Our Cause, but I’m fresh out of cash. There’s so little I can do, even in the line of volunteer time, because of my obligations at home.

      A good steak, a heap of homegrown tomatoes, and some time alone are balms to any soul, Bob, as are your kind words. I am turning around, gearing up to fight another day.


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