Tuesday with Thomas (Sowell, that is): Santa…or Frank

Dr. Sowell is again pointing out the obvious. Why do so many of the American people – and the GOP in Congress especially – insist on believing the blather The Current Occupant and his CongressWeasels vomit from their pie-holes? The brilliant Dr. Sowell uses Santa Claus and Frank Nitti as his example of how this works:

What this political game boils down to is that Democrats get all the political benefits of playing Santa Claus to all sorts of groups and special interests, while Republicans who vote to raise taxes to pay for all this are cast in the role of Frank Nitti, the enforcer for the mob.

Many elections have confirmed that Santa Claus is more popular than Frank Nitti, surprising as that may be to some people.

The parable of the snake is an illustration of this that I’ve used in my personal life more than once:

Once upon a time there was a serpent who was badly injured in a fight with another animal. It managed to slither away to safety but would have surely died if a benevolent man had not seen it suffering by the side of the road. The goodly man carefully wrapped the snake up and took it to his house, where he bestowed the kindest and gentlest care on the snake until it was healed and could return to the wild. Just as the man was releasing the serpent back into the grass, the ungrateful snake turned and bit him on the hand.

“What did you do that for?” cried the man, who knew that the bite of this particular snake was usually fatal. “Didn’t I take care of you when no one else would?”

The snake shrugged (no small feat for a snake!) and replied to the benevolent–and now doomed–man, “What did you expect? You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.

Of course, I apply this to politicians in general. Among others.



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