Daily Guidepost

We have a book of meditations and inspirations called Daily Guideposts. I read it when I get up in the morning…usually. The entry for Saturday was so beautiful, I have to post it here. Maybe it will inspire you in some way.


For months I’d looked forward to my niece Allison’s wedding. I couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle to the altar on the arm of my brother Robert.

When I arrived at the church, Allison and Robert were standing outside, waiting to make their entrance. The first thing I noticed wasn’t Allison’s long, flowing white gown: it was her unusual bouquet.

What on earth was that florist thinking, mixing purple and orange and pink and red? And whoever heard of combining tulips and carnations?

I tried not to look at the flowers as Allison made her way down the aisle. She was positively glowing, but I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. This was the day she’d dreamed about since she was a little girl. And what would that garish bouquet look like in the photographs?

At the reception, Allison radiated joy as she thanked everyone for making her day so wonderful. Then I noticed a stack of small envelopes in Allison’s hand. After hugging a group of doting aunts and offering them each one, she headed in my direction.”This is for you, Aunt Roberta,” she said.

I found a place to park my cake and punch and opened my envelope. Inside was a note from Allison: “My wedding bouquet represents all the special people in my life. You are one of them. The pink tulip, your favorite flower, is for all the things you’ve done to make me who I am.”

Suddenly Allison’s bouquet was no longer a hapless heap of daisies, roses, carnations, and tulips. It was simply beautiful.

Thank You, Lord, for those who risk looking foolish
to love with their whole hearts.

–Roberta Messner


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