It’s Tuesday! (Only Tuesday? sheesh…)

I’m busy! Do yourself a favor, and go read the words of the great Dr. Thomas Sowell at Wish I had time to parse and comment, but it’s just not the way my life goes. For now.

How Smart Are We?

Elites may have more brilliance, but those who make decisions for society as a whole cannot possibly have as much experience as the millions of people whose decisions they pre-empt. The education and intellects of the elites may lead them to have more sweeping presumptions, but that just makes them more dangerous to the freedom, as well as the well-being, of the people as a whole.

Hot as the Ninth Circle of Hell, too. Is is allowed to hate a whole season in the place where you live? Is it allowed to hate the city, too? I hate cities, and I hate summer in Florida, especially when it starts in May and lingers till October. Good thing I like my house. *heavy sigh*


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