A Sunday night visit to Spleenville…

For those of you who read Tim Blair’s blog years back, when he wasn’t moderated by his employer, you might remember that his enforcer was Andrea. She has been blogging since before I got my first email account, I think, in fact she’s been posting online since before the internet was widely available. I’ve owned a computer that long, but posting publicly is something that didn’t come about till around 2000.

Her posting yesterday is classy and classic Andrea. She says it’s long, I didn’t think so. Here are a couple snippets from When I Was A Liberal:

Feminism was primarily the quest for freedom from narrow, restrictive roles formerly placed on women’s intellectual development, financial independence, and physical movement. Women were to be free to choose whether to be a homemaker and mother or to give over domestic life to fulfill her creative, political, or financial ambitions. Feminism meant giving women the chance to attain those heights of intellectual, political, and financial success that had previously been restricted to men. This meant they were to prove themselves capable of the same hard work and sacrifice. I leave it to you to decide whether or not women attained these goals, or did many of them simply decide to change the meaning of “feminism” instead.

Freedom of religion was more important to liberals than freedom from religion. This was due to the above-mentioned Communism: in Communist countries you were not free to worship as you chose. Back then most Americans went to church every Sunday — the idea of being arrested and imprisoned for one of our most basic and cherished freedoms outraged us on behalf of those suffering.

Thanks, Andrea, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who believes the term “liberal” was hijacked and used badly, against its will.



  1. Thanks! What is scary is so many people seem totally unaware that these terms have been hijacked and in many cases these ideas have been turned on their heads. If, back in the 80s, you would have stepped out of a time machine and told me that twenty years in the future so-called liberals would be advocating going soft on fanatical Muslims and attacking ordinary Christians and Jews I wouldn’t have believed you. Just to pick one random example.

    1. Andrea, for a long time I thought I was losing my mind! I was SURE I remembered things being the way you’ve listed, but no one in the lamestream media ever questioned what was out there, so I just kept my mouth shut for fear of being diagnosed with a personality disorder or other mental illness of some sort. It wasn’t exactly a confidence-builder. Now I know – thanks to finding like-minded people with the aid of this magical little thing called the internet – that I wasn’t nuts all those years, my memories were correct. I can’t come up with other examples, either, but you named SO many for me.

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