Time for Thomas on Tuesday

Another hot, miserable, suffocating day in NEFL, coming right up! I’ve been up a long time and accomplished…nuthin. Can’t seem to get more than 5 1/2 hours of sleep, probably because I can’t bear to go play outside. *sigh*

Tuesday, however, has its blessings, just like any other day. Along with a good hot cup of coffee and a shower, I have Dr. Sowell, who speaks my mind and heart with brilliant words. He writes again today about intelligence and education and accomplishment…and that the first does NOT necessarily lead to the others, even when Society is re-worked in favor of any certain sub-group.

Here’s a bit from the column, to tempt you:

One of the biggest fallacies of our time is the notion that, if all groups are not proportionally represented in institutions, professions or income levels, that shows something wrong with society. The very possibility that people make their own choices, and that those choices have consequences– for themselves and for others– is ignored. Society is the universal scapegoat.

Y’all have a fine day, y’hear? Stay cool, stay hydrated, and be kind to your fellows!


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