John Stossel: Bush-era deregulation is a myth perpetrated by those who would have government control the economy.

The Current Occupant, nearly all Your Elected CongressWeasels, and too many other ‘experts’ are just about more than I can bear. Is it any wonder I don’t watch or read the news? A column or three a day at, along with snippets of things from the blogs I read is ENOUGH!

John Stossel has some things to say about the Wise And Wonderful Alan Greenspan. What a complete ass the man has proven himself to be. Ethics of a tom cat:

It was slightly bizarre when Greenspan accepted President Reagan’s appointment to run the Fed — maybe he thought that as long as the Fed exists, better someone like him run it rather than one who really believes government should centrally plan money and banking. Be that as it may, Greenspan went on to pursue an easy-money policy in the early 2000s that is widely credited, along with the government’s easy-mortgage policy, for the boom and bust that followed.

Finally, the stupidest thing said about tax cuts is the often-repeated claim that “they ought to be paid for.” How absurd! Tax cuts merely let people keep money they rightfully own. It’s government programs, not tax cuts, that must be paid for.

I love John Stossel.


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