A B C D, E F G, H I J K…


I love reading Lori Borgman’s columns at JewishWorldReview.com. She’s down-to-earth and sometimes as muddled and confused as I. Small comfort, I know, but still.

Today she takes on the NEW! way the Alphabet Song is being taught. Her Daughter The Educator is explaining the need for NEW! – although I bet Rhodes Scholars from the USA often learned it exactly the way Ms. Borgman remembers. This is obviously not good enough.

My mother refused to learn the alphabet when she was a tyke…she said very few people use the letters in that order anyway, and if you need to know them in order you can learn them when you need them. My mother, her mother, her father, her aunts and at least one uncle were all TEACHERS.

Let me make two quick points about this while I will wait for My Pixie to show up, and we will begin to practice the Alphabet Song v.1:

First – as soon as Teachers started calling themselves and each other Educators, the price of an education went through the roof, and the quality went through the basement.

Second – we have high school graduates who can’t read, grading systems have been dumbed down so that Everybody Wins…and our “Educators” think one way to fight this is to re-learn a silly little song? Good grief.


  1. swampie · · Reply

    Anything to take the fun out of learning.

    1. Swampie, there’s no reason everything you learn in the first 3 grades of school can’t be ‘fun.’ People – children included – learn by doing, not by reading about it or singing about it. I had pre-schoolers who knew that song by heart at 3…but they didn’t recognize the letters when they saw them, even when they were 4. My daughter, on the other hand, didn’t know the song (and was made fun of by the ‘smarter’ kids) but she DID recognize her letters and numbers and colours and shapes by sight by the time she was 3. Re-doing THAT SONG isn’t going to improve “literacy” in any way, shape, or form.

  2. Now I can’t get the Alphabet Song out of my head. (The old one, that is.) At least it’s replaced Billy Squier’s “My Kind Of Lover.”

    1. My latest earworm is “Little Patch of Heaven” from “Home On The Range.” Toddler music, anyone!

  3. You sound very dismissive and possibly even indignant at the state of education. Speaking as a hard-working prof at a Toronto college I feel compelled to say that no matter how dismissive and indignant you may feel, it doesn’t come close to what the education system deserves!

    If you want a personal and in-depth look at the education system and the Wonderlandish existence it has, drop back to my site and read my four-part “Fear and Loathing in the College Boardroom” series, which chronicles my experience when applying for a position at another college. It starts with The Invitation and continues from there.

    Prepared to be scared. Very, very scared.

    And while I’m at it, can I say how happy I am to find another Mallard Filmore fan?

    1. Frank, I’ll make a note of doing that this weekend, thanks! I am the product of a family tree FULL of teachers, at all levels. They USED to be smarter than they are these days – most of the ‘educators’ in my generation and the ones to follow are Socialist union members, who truly believe parents don’t know enough to raise children. I look forward to reading about your experience…and before I do so, please accept my sympathy – and admiration for not exploding in a massive splatter of goo!

      I, too, am happy to find another Mallard fan.

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