More Friday Funny

A knitting project at What Not To Crochet draws special attention. From the comments: This is what happens when you mix knitting with dropping acid.



  1. Way too much time on one’s hands.

    1. Exactly, Glenn. Too much time, no way to vent pent-up emotions, a bit too much vino with breakfast and WahLah! You get to explain to the boys in the white coats that you’re really NOT psycho!

  2. Psycho? How about this? I was just outside poultry feeding when I opened the lid to the corn and found a roach on top. I started singing to the tune of “singing in the rain” “Gonna feeeeeed you to the ducks, gonna feeeeeeeed you to the ducks! Oh, I really hate you schmucks, so I’m gonna feeeeeeeed you to the ducks.” Then I tossed it to the ducks, the fastest of which apprehended said feed intruder and gulped it down.

    Maybe it is time to go back to work.

    1. That’s how I feel about cockroaches and palmetto bugs – which are radioactive cockroaches on steroids. I’m going to HAVE to call a professional, because the damn things have got away from me this year and it’s giving me the heebie-jeebies.

      Almost wish I had ducks…

      1. They’re bad here, too, this year. My ol’ micro teacher at UNF used to say that there were two kinds of people in Florida. The ones that gots roaches (er, “palmetto bugs”), and the ones that won’t admit it.

        Chickens will eat ’em up like candy, too. My former DIL is keeping chickens illegally because they eat all the, er, “palmetto bugs” in the yard.

  3. I would so wear that to school this winter. Not with tacky black shoes, though. The shoes need to be neon green or hot pink.

    1. Pretty sure I’d wear the vest thingy with a blue turtleneck and jeans, it wouldn’t be so horrible.

    2. Even purple shoes would be better than those pictured.

  4. I almost bought a pair of purple shoes a couple days ago (grin) but reflected that I really didn’t have anything that would go with purple tennis shoes.

    I should have something that goes with purple tennis shoes. My wardrobe has gotten boring since I’ve turned plus size. Okay, fat.

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