From the Patriot Guard Riders

Cpl Tyler Southern
20 August 2010

Just prior to Mother’s Day 2010, twenty-year-old Marine Cpl. Tyler Southern was on patrol in the Zaldad province, Afghanistan when he stepped on the pressure plate of an IED. He survived the blast at the great personal loss of both legs and his right arm.

When he first awoke from sedation, one of his first statements was that he wanted to stay in the Marine Corps, going so far as to personally ask the Commandant of the Corps when he was visited by him. The Commandant advised Tyler that once he went through rehab, as long as he could pass the Corps physiological, he would stay in the Corps.

Tyler’s Dad is driving to Walter Reed this week, and Tyler is coming home Friday for the first time since he was injured. Also, this weekend is Tyler’s 21st birthday. He has spent his last two deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Patriotism and military service run strong in Tyler’s family. His Dad is a retired U.S. Navy Chief, one brother is U.S. Army infantry, and the other is a U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer. Tyler’s neighborhood plans to line the streets when he returns, and Rolling Thunder M/C, and others are going to provide an escort from the Florida state line to his home.

Read the rest here.

Please welcome this young Marine Home if you can.


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