Dr. Sowell will be along later today

It’s another mizzerably hot day in NEFL – nearing +90F and it’s just past 10:30am. Ick. Rained for a good portion of the night, so we also now live in a steam bath. Double ick. But, My Pixie is happily colouring with her crayons (just had to go find the “crayon pencils” for her) and I’m cleaning the mineral deposits out of my humidifiers. Ick, again. Next on the list is cleaning the bathroom then the birdcage. My Chief is off helping a friend acquire a motorcycle for her son. All in all, a nice enough day, eh? Or at least it will be so, as long as I stay air conditioned!

After the Pixie has gone home and the Chief has gone to work, I’ll be back with Dr. Sowell’s brilliant work. Till then, go MAKE it a good day, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. 102 at 11 AM out here in the Mojave!
    It maxed at 105 this afternoon. We have that large Time and Temperature thingy on one of the hangars.

    1. But it’s a DRY heat! 44 days of over 90. I hate it. And I say again – any number over 90 is academic. For me, it might as well be 150. I hate it.

  2. On a concrete flight line with the blazing desert sun, it is all the same.

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