Sowell, UPDATED: Not since the Norman conquerors of England published their laws in French, for an English-speaking nation, centuries ago, has there been such contempt for the people’s right to know what laws were being imposed on them. PLUS: John Stossel

I didn’t get the link to Thomas Sowell’s column posted yesterday at all. When I went to find it this morning, I discover I can get the column for today, which is a Part II to yesterday. *sigh* It’s what I get when I get lazy…

Here’s a bit from the pen of my favorite genius:

Much has been made of the fact that families making less than $250,000 a year will not see their taxes raised. Of course they won’t see it, because what they see could affect how they vote. But when huge tax increases are put on electric utility companies, the public will see their electricity bills go up. When huge taxes are put on other businesses as well, they will see the prices of the things those businesses sell go up.

You can find Part I HERE or go to the archives, which has a link at the bottom of the column.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to Part III.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to Part IV – and a teaser:

Someone once said that a democratic society cannot survive for long after 51 percent of the people decide that they want to live off the other 49 percent. Yet that is the direction in which we are being pushed by those who are promoting envy under its more high-toned alias of “social justice.”

Those who construct moral melodramas— starring themselves on the side of the angels against the forces of evil— are ready to disregard the Constitution rights of those they demonize, and to overstep the limits put on the powers of the federal government set by the Constitution.


Social Security is popular but unsustainable. Its commitments over the next 75 years exceed its expected revenue by $5.3 trillion. Politicians know this, but pander anyway.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused Sharron Angle, who’s challenging Reid’s re-election bid in Nevada, of “raiding” the Social Security trust fund because Angle has talked about phasing out Social Security. There are two problems with that statement — as Reid must know: First, there never has been a trust fund! Your FICA tax payments were not saved or invested. Social Security transferred them to current retirees. Second, in return for IOUs, Congress raided Social Security’s budget surplus every year and spent like any other tax revenue.



  1. Thanks for visiting my humble little blog. I love Sowell, too. Heading over to read his columns now. Thanks for posting the links. It is getting so hard to keep up with everything. Some days I get really discouraged.

    P.S Love your Yuppie quote!

    1. It was my pleasure, Adrienne. Hope to add it to my regular list, as a new point of view is always welcome here.

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