Ted Nugent: Muslim Mosque-teers

From his column in the Washington Times come these wise words from the Motor City Madman:

Islam is no more a peaceful religion than Jim Jones was a Christian prophet. Islam attracts violent maniacs stuck in the year 4, reduces women to third-class citizens, discriminates, persecutes and kills Christians and burns their churches; stones people for punishment; and believes in world domination. Saudi Arabia, a Muslim theocracy, goes so far as to outlaw all other religions other than Islam. Sounds like real nice, neighborly Islamic folks.

Bottom line: I don’t trust the proposed mosque to be a holy bastion of peace, understanding, tolerance and love of others. The mosque will attract extremists and radicals who will try to harm America. If you want to see how tolerant Muslims are, just have a bunch of Christians stand on the sidewalk in front of the mosque and hand out Christian literature.

The problem America faces is not radical Muslims. The problem is that America lacks fundamental leadership and common sense from our elected officials, who worship at the altar of political correctness. Instead of standing with the victims’ families of Sept. 11, 2001, New York City politicians chose to cast their lot with Islam, the supposed religion of peace and harmony. Me, I am not singing that tune.

THIS is the tune Uncle Ted IS singin’!

Oh, yeah!


  1. swampie · · Reply

    Ted Nugent is a man. I dunno what the hell those jackasses in Washington D.C. are, but it ain’t men. Or women.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Swampie!

      BTW, still thunder & lightning here, too, and kickoff at the Jaguars game has been put off till 9pm? Did I hear that right? I’ll be asleep before the Star Spangled Banner!

  2. Heh. Went to sleep before game was over. How badly did they lose? Guess I better look it up!

    1. Lost by one, but according to Lovely Daughter, that kid quarterback played a heckuva game, and she and the ol man are MAD for the newest Hawai’ian addition!

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