I guess it would qualify as an earworm

I am not a big music buff. Truth be told, I can barely stand to listen to music these days. Whether that has to do with tinnitus or hearing loss or comes from aging into a grumpy ol broad, I dunno. I just do not enjoy listening to music. It is noise. Unpleasant noise, most of the time. Especially if it’s loud.

It was not always so. My brother is a bit more than a year older than I, so a lot of the music I listened to as a teenager was stuff he liked. One year for Christmas I bought him the latest Led Zeppelin album –

and he bought me Blood, Sweat and Tears –

I went to sleep at night with the Beatles’ Abbey Road and Master of Reality by Black Sabbath on my turntable. Glenn sold me my first 8-track tape, which could be the soundtrack of my life:

Remember this cover art?

Couldn’t have told you ANYTHING about Master of Reality till I listened to it again today. I bet it’s been 35 years since I heard it. Yep, this is it.

Some of the songs I listened to today are more bluesy than I remembered, but it seems I’ve been a closet headbanger for a very long time…I went lookin’ for the music from my teens because I woke up with THIS song in my head yesterday morning, and I can’t get rid of it:

The lead singer – Byron – is dead since ’85, and there’s a 2005 video of the song at YouTube, with his replacement…but this is the version that haunts my sleep…I wish I knew why.



  1. Dropped in on the recommendation from your Big Bro. First: I’m truly sorry about the tinnitus and the effect that’s had on your ability to enjoy music, kc. That is SO sad.

    Second: The music you posted is from my young adult years… say my mid-20s, or so… and I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what it means and the associated memories it invokes. (insert big-ass grin here)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Buck!

      First, thanks for the tea and…well, you know. Comes with the territory – I’ve beat up this ol body in ways that shoulda killed it a couple decades ago, so it’s no wonder there are some lasting vestiges of Hard Livin.’

      Second, I was dating a young man in his mid-20’s when I was listening to most of this music…but the evoked memories are a bit different because I hadn’t gotten a taste or found the need for mood-altering substances…yet. (insert smirk here)

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