John Stossel: Uncertainty created by Obama’s legislative “successes” are comparable to the Depression and World War II? This does not bode well for job growth.

Anyone who believes the recession is over – or even winding down – is drinking the same koolaid as the lamestream media, which is fed to them by the Weasels in the White House and the Fools in Congress. The Weasels won’t tell you out loud and in front of people – contrary to that celebrated ‘transparency’ we hear about so often – that this is exactly what they had in mind when they came up out of their holes to supervise the coming “Progress” of the Nation.

Someone sent me the WaPo article mentioned in Stossel’s column today. I’m so glad he’s discussed it, as only John Stossel can do. The Mighty Washington Post isn’t always…ummm…even-handed, shall we say, in its coverage or its commentary?

Why isn’t the economy recovering? After previous recessions, unemployment didn’t get stuck at close to 10 percent. If left alone, the economy can and does heal itself, as the mistakes of the previous inflationary boom are corrected.

The problem today is that the economy is not being left alone. Instead, it is haunted by uncertainty on a hundred fronts. When rules are unintelligible and unpredictable, when new workers are potential threats because of Labor Department regulations, businesses have little confidence to hire. President Obama’s vaunted legislative record not only left entrepreneurs with the burden of bigger government, it also makes it impossible for them to accurately estimate the new burden.

In at least three big areas — health insurance, financial regulation and taxes — no one can know what will happen.

The “news” may tell you we’re in Recovery from Recession. But the empty store-fronts and number of people I know getting unemployment show the “news” to be a lie.


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