John Stossel: Good intentions gone bad

I ran out of time and energy yesterday, before I remembered I should post Stossel’s latest column. Funny, I had it open from nearly all day, read the first paragraph…then skipped on to buying and delivering and sorting groceries. This morning, the only place I can find it that I’m willing to link to is…such is Life.

As usual, the column is thought-provoking. My Chief nodded and grunted in appreciation.

You own a business, maybe a restaurant. You’ve got a lot to worry about. You have to make sure the food is safe and tastes good, that the place is clean and appealing, that workers are friendly and paid according to a hundred Labor Department and IRS rules.

On top of that, there are rules you might have no idea about. The bathroom sinks must be a specified height. So must the doorknobs and mirrors. You must have rails. And if these things aren’t right — say, if your mirror is just one inch too high — you could be sued for thousands of dollars.

And be careful. If you fail to let a customer bring a large snake, which he calls his “service animal,” into your restaurant, you could be in trouble.

The ADA is being used to rip off, gouge and deny opportunities to many able-bodied Americans, under the guise of “equal.” You should see the way they act in the Forest Service. Stossel’s right, it’s a good idea, fed into the bureaucratic machine of government, and fertilized by the zeal of ambulance-chasers till it is another Big Government Monster.


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