Friday Funnies

Day By Day:

Mallard Fillmore:

From the Patriot Post:

“The more is given the less the people will work for themselves, and the less they work the more their poverty will increase.” –Russian writer Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi (1828-1910)


Puff pieces: “First lady Michelle Obama returned to the White House last week after spending her summer vacation walking the fine fashion line between comfortably casual and utterly camera-ready. Her travel attire served as a wake-up call to all those American tourists who have blighted the national landscape with their ill-fitting shorts, sad-sack T-shirts and aggressively revealing tank tops: You can do better.” –The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan chastising the unwashed masses of America for not living up to the celebrity standards of the White House’s Socialist Bourgeoisie

Right…comfortably casual and camera-ready attire…so THAT’s what this is called?

In the unintentionally amusing category, there’s this story from the WaPo about Mexico worried about their part of the drug war becoming more difficult as California not only decriminalizes pot, but also says it’s an herb often necessary for treating sick people. Poor things predict an increase in violence. The violent ones don’t USE pot, y’see.

Today, like most Fridays, I’m kinda off – up too late on Thursday having a really good time with some really good people. And since Lovely Daughter and Handsome Son-in-law are going to the home opener of the Jaguars on Sunday, I volunteered to watch the Pixie that day. No rest for the wicked. Tomorrow I’ll be posting tributes to two men killed on September 11, 2001, as a participant in Project 2996.

It was my brother’s birthday before it was 9-11, though, so




  1. Thanks for the song. Gonna work tomorrow! It should be fun to pick on the kids out there on the line.

  2. Footnote: Two thorough breds and a reject from the Budweiser Stables!

    1. Class…Class…No class.

      Budweiser horses WORK for a living. They have a JOB, and they do it VERY WELL. I would guess that even the rejects are harder workers than this bunch of posers. In my (seldom) humble opinion, that is.

  3. Heh. Well, speaking as one of the ample butted, Michelle looks a lot better in that skirt than in one of those skin tight dresses worn by the (young and) skinny.

    1. It isn’t the ample bottom I notice. It’s the outfit. It’s unflattering for her body type. Sure, she’s not long and sleek – lots of us ain’t. But her fashion advisors should be fired and replaced with someone with a sense of style and some taste.

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