And so, it begins…

NFL Opening Day!

UPDATE: WooHOO!!! Jaguars 24, Broncos 17!!!

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I’ve got the Pixie cuz her parents are at the game. Hotter’n Hell, this works for me.

UPDATE2: Expecting a call soon so I can take the Pixie home. That was quite a game…lotta teal in the stands. There was a lightning delay, pounding pelting rain. Steam bath now. Tebow was in a couple times, probably the only one who doesn’t hate this weather. After this, I wish him well, he’s a good man.

Later, Gators! Or ‘Noles…hahahaha!



  1. I was following online, then went outside to help build an experimental design chicken pen. We, uh, ran out of materials (grin). Well, I said it was experimental! Never did get back to the game. Glad to hear that the Jags won.

    1. Looks like the little one may be here awhile – trouble in the Amen Corner. So many hated reminders of ‘the old days.’

      Experimental chicken pen, eh? Don’t forget to copyright!

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