Montana Bale Trail – What the Hay!

Some people – city people – cannot for the life of themselves imagine living in the country or a small town. Small town in MY vocabulary means no city bus, no flyovers on the interstate…no mall. Yeah, they may call that thing in Havre a mall, but it just don’t quite meet my requirement for a mall – I’ve never been completely miserable there having walked around it for an hour looking for shoes or whatever else it was I thought I’d find. A shopping centre it may be, but it ain’t a mall.

The internet is a recent addition to small town/ country living. So are cell phones. Hell, for some, REGULAR phones are pretty damn new. People who live in small towns are usually WORKERS because there’s not much leeway given to slackers. There may be a couple diners and a decent restaurant, but maybe not – you might have to go to a bigger town for that special anniversary supper. Movies don’t run every day all day long IF there’s a theatre. There is surely at least one bar, probably two. High school sports are big, with all the excitement they offer…one night or one day a week. Many farmers/ranchers I knew had a pilot’s license and a small airplane, which is good for some fun. Sunday is for church and Sunday dinner and family time. And NFL football on tv.

So what do we do to entertain ourselves? How about this? The Great Falls Tribune has the story. Great Falls is NOT a small town.

I miss small town living. I miss going to the movie or the grocery or the pharmacy – or even the doctor – and seeing people I know. I miss those wide open spaces more than you can imagine. Hear that wind? Sounds like Heaven to me.

I don’t miss the winters…much.


  1. My niece, her husband, and her 4 kids just moved to North Dakota because her husband got a job with an oil company there. She thinks the people are great. We’ll see how she likes the winter!

    My younger brother said that the town, just across the Montana state line, reminded him about what rural Oregon was like those many years ago. His daughter wants daddy to live up there by her. He’s going to miss those grandchildren so much.

    1. Oh, I’m so jealous…but the winter’s are LONG. And colder than most people can believe. AND the wind blows…all the time. Yes, really. Drives some bonkers. Not me…

      Where are they? I may have lived near at some point in my childhood!

  2. I think it is Beach, ND.

    1. I know where that is. Glendive isn’t my favorite town, but I did stay there on the way to Malta last time I was in the area. Miles City and Forsyth are up I-94 into Montana, I love Forsyth. Lived there for a short time in 3rd grade. Eastern Montana ain’t for sissies, that’s for sure.

  3. Seclusion definitely wouldn’t bother me. Neither would wind. Cold, though, is a whole ‘nother story.

    1. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Sometimes I think I could handle cold easier than the summer heat here, but then I see what I’m like when I spend too much time picking up stuff in the freezer section at the commissary & I can’t move my hands.

      1. And it gets REALLY cold out there, and it lasts a LONG time.

      2. Yeah, I get sufficient warning from my previous broken bones, torn ligaments, sprains, and joint damage when the weather turns cold here to let me know that I’d be staggering around like Frankenstein (though perhaps not as gracefully!) in REAL cold weather.

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