John Stossel and Michelle’s Food Police

John Stossel has another GREAT column this week.

I do not believe food causes disease. I just don’t. I believe that if I want to eat myself fat, it’s MY business, not the business of everyone in the country, including the broad that’s married to the President.

THIS sentence sums up one thing that bothers me: A 2004 article in The Journal of Nutrition that looked at worldwide studies of egg consumption noted that the current restrictions on eating eggs are “unwarranted for the majority of people and are not supported by scientific data.”

If the reason for the restriction isn’t based on provable scientific data, what IS it based on?

I am extremely uncomfortable with Uncle Sugar and his minions being THIS interested and THIS  involved in my eating habits. Nannies and police have their place, but sitting as my Government ain’t it!

Now, where’d I put my Fritos and Coke…


One comment

  1. I quite like food.

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