Thomas Sowell, parts I, II, III and IV

I’m in a bit of a hurry. The ol man’s working on repairing the toilet, and since it interferes with how he WANTED to spend these couple hours, isn’t exactly in his Happy Place. Needless to say, I’m doing my regular home chores, but for now I’m doing the ones that don’t require water.

Dr. Sowell’s column today is on a topic dear to my heart – Words Mean Things! Proper use of words, with an understanding by the one speaking AND the ones spoken to are the basic requirement for “communication.” At least that’s true unless you’re a Politician.

If you check out the facts, instead of relying on words, you will discover that “gun control” laws do not control guns, the government’s “stimulus” spending does not stimulate the economy and that many “compassionate” policies inflict cruel results, such as the destruction of the black family.

Do you know how many millions of people died in the war “to make the world safe for democracy”– a war that led to autocratic dynasties being replaced by totalitarian dictatorships that slaughtered far more of their own people than the dynasties had?

I love Thomas Sowell. If you’re reading this, you probably already knew that, but I needed to say it again.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to Part II.

Even in matters of life and death, too many people accept words instead of thinking, leaving themselves wide open to people who are clever at spinning words. The whole controversy about “health care reform” is a classic example.

“Health care” and medical care are not the same thing. The confusion between the two spreads more confusion, when advocates of government-run medical care point to longer life expectancies in some other countries where government runs the medical system.

Health care affects longevity, but health care includes far more than medical care. Health care includes such things as diet, exercise and avoiding things that can shorten your life, such as drug addiction, reckless driving and homicide.

If you stop and think– which catchwords can deflect us from doing– it is clear that homicide and car crashes are not things that doctors can prevent. Moreover, if you compare longevity among countries, leaving out homicide and car crashes, Americans have the longest lifespan in the western world.

UPDATE: You’ll find Part III here.

Liberals are usually willing to let people violate the traditional standards of the larger society but crack down on those who dare to violate liberals’ own notions and fetishes.

Our academic institutions are overwhelmingly dominated by liberals. They feature speech codes that punish politically incorrect statements. Even to apply to many colleges and universities, students must have spent time as “volunteers” for activities arbitrarily defined by admissions committees as “community service.”

As for conservatism, it has no specific political meaning, because everything depends on what you are trying to conserve. In the last days of the Soviet Union, those who were trying to maintain the Communist system were widely– and correctly– described as “conservatives,” though they had nothing in common with such conservatives as William F. Buckley or Milton Friedman.

UPDATE: The link to Part IV is here:

Why then is President Barack Obama pursuing an international nuclear disarmament agreement? It cannot be because he thinks it will work. Even if he were foolish enough to believe that, virtually anybody in the Pentagon can tell him why it won’t.

His political advisors, however, can tell him how great that can be for him personally— if he doesn’t already know that. It would be “historic” and an “achievement,” just like ObamaCare.

His political base— the young, the left and the thoughtless— would be thrilled and energized. That can translate into money donated to his campaign coffers and people willing to walk the precincts to get out the vote for him in the 2012 elections.

It is by no means an irrational thing to do, from Obama’s self-centered perspective.

But what does it say about those who take his words literally, who accept those words as, in Thomas Hobbes’ words, the money of fools?

I’d love to say “Game, Set, Match to Dr. Sowell” for the VERY first time in my life of using that term…but we all know BarryO and His Band of CongressWeasels and Political Wonks will pay no attention, even if they were aware enough to actually read something but their own tea leaves.

Hot as Hades again todayBeautiful morning today, with no chance of rain or cool in the and a very pleasant forecast. Bleh. Y’all have a fine day and a terrific weekend, whatever the Weather Gods have in store for you, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hey, today WAS cool! I put in 2 miles at the track after work in my long pants and two shirts.

    1. It was pleasant at 9pm, standing in the front yard watching for the space station, no bugs, no heat, not dying from the humidity. I was talking to a friend on the phone at the time, she said it’s supposed to be in the SIXTIES this morning! According to WOKV weather thingy, it IS! Nice sleeping weather…so why am I not sleeping?

  2. Beats the heck outta me! I’ve seen people dead for a couple days that look to be in better shape than I am. I haven’t been able to sleep much this week.

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