Thomas Sowell: The Politics of Resentment

Another perfect morning in NEFL, with a cool temperature and reasonable humidity. Got the doors and windows open, which I love. Just heard a train go by, expecting the first flight out of NAS here real soon. I love mornings like this.

I don’t have time to parse Dr. Sowell’s column this morning, as I’m running a bit behind in my regular schedule. I DID take time to read it, and hope you will, too. You won’t read anything as good all day long.

C’mon, you know you want to.

How did we reach the point where a city is so polarized that an overwhelming majority of the white vote goes to one candidate and the overwhelming majority of the black vote goes to the opposing candidate?

How did we reach the point where black voters put racial patronage and racial symbolism above the education of their children and the safety of everyone?

There are many reasons but the trend is ominous. One key factor was the creation, back in the 1960s, of a whole government-supported industry of race hustling.

Hope to be back later, busy day ahead, thanks for stopping by!


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