A visit to Spleenville

Andrea has a way with words. You may remember her from Tim Blair’s blog a few seasons back, she was his Administratrix. She was GOOD at it, too. Andrea’s most recent essay deals with The Current Occupant and His Band of Weasels in a succinct, take-no-prisoners way. Being Banner-in-Chief at Tim’s was good training, because he’s now with the Daily Telegraph and she’s posting great things on her own.

From Andrea’s most recent post at Spleenville:

It’s also about sounding good is a fine substitute for doing good. The old “deeds not words” way of life is too hard, because you might get your hands dirty and worse you might fail and then look like a fool. Also words are a great way to show off how smart you are and that you’re not a jock. It’s all about high school in the end. Also you can impress your fellow not-jocks with your bravery and toughness without actually doing something disturbingly physical like fighting.



  1. Actually I was posting things on my own before I ran Tim Blair’s blog. I already had my space on Spleenville and Blogspot was having a lot of connection problems then so I offered Tim, who was on Blogspot, a sub-domain on my site. I started officially “blogging” in 2001, with a LiveJournal site then I moved to Blogspot, then I bought the Spleenville space. I used to close my blog each year and open a new one in a different folder or subdomain, and once over on WordPress.com, until I finally decided just to stay blogging at the main domain.

    I used to have all my archives linked, but I took the links down; I want to go through everything and maybe make a best-of site.

    1. I ‘met’ you at Blair’s, I think in late 2001 or early 2002. From reading your posts then and the sites you’ve created since then, I knew more about you than I was clear about in the post. Thanks for taking the time to expand on it.

  2. Hi KC
    Tim’s been a journalist for a long time.
    I found his blog by reading his columnn in The Bulletin, now defunct.
    In person he’s a funny guy…

    1. Just making guesses from things he and others say in posts & comments, I kinda figured that might be so, Kae, thanks for the verification. I’m glad to hear he’s funny in person, sometimes MY humour doesn’t translate into Real Life. And vice versa.

      Good to see you, how’s things?

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