Indeed, freedom in general cramps the government’s style. ~Thomas Sowell

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means. Woke up at the regular time, made coffee, fed one indoor and two outdoor cats (the other indoor cat had gone out to go potty and chirp back at the birds and squirrels), read The Bleat. Still have a headache which seems to be joined by a toothache, and I feel nearly as tired as I was when I went to bed. *sigh*

Dr. Sowell’s column today, while talking about gold, speaks more of the unpleasantness of our government.

If it wasn’t meant to be hidden from We The People, why would our CongressWeasels need to put new restrictions on those who sell gold into that monstrosity of a health care reform bill?

Inflation is a quiet but effective way for the government to transfer resources from the people to itself, without raising taxes. A hundred dollar bill would buy less in 1998 than a $20 bill would buy in the 1960s. This means that anyone who kept his money in a safe over those years would have lost 80 percent of its value, because no safe can keep your money safe from politicians who control the printing presses.

That is why some people buy gold when they lose confidence in the government’s managing of its money. Usually that is when inflation is either under way or looming on the horizon. When many people start transferring their wealth from dollars into gold, that restricts the ability of politicians to steal from them through inflation.

ANY restriction of government’s ability to steal from We The People is a Good Thing.


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