Thank Heaven…

…for little girls! And congratulations to SwampWoman at A1A South, who is going to be Grandma to another little bundle, this time a GIRL! What fun for the whole family! Swampie, I would appreciate expected arrival time, and – if it’s ok to tell – what name is chosen?

Like this one, who fills my day with delight:

She’s gonna hate me for this someday, isn’t she?

My daughter picked out HER daughter’s name when she was about 11, I think. Maybe 12. I know we were in SoCal when she told me if she ever had a daughter, this would be her name. Fast forward to October 6, 2007, and that is my granddaughter’s name. I don’t think anything else even got serious consideration.


  1. swampie · · Reply

    Nope, no girls names picked out as yet. Her husband doesn’t like the name SHE likes, and she doesn’t like the name HE likes. Maybe they’ll compromise on names that neither one likes.

  2. swampie · · Reply

    I remember when daughter was in a stroller and I was shopping for bras. While I was looking at the bras on the top of the displays, she was grabbing bras off the bottom of the displays and stuffing them in the stroller.

    1. The biggest difference between your story and mine is the lack of stroller in mine. Aren’t they fun?

  3. swampie · · Reply

    Yep! Told daughter she had to have a daughter before she called it quits on the child bearing. Sons wander off; daughters are friends forever.

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