Red Herring Politics – Thomas Sowell

Good Tuesday Morning to you! It is another cool start of the day here in NEFL, cats are fed, coffee’s perking, and things are looking good around the Little Home Place.

Thomas Sowell has been my regular post on Tuesday mornings for a little while. It is no surprise to read his column this morning and find I agree wholeheartedly, 100% with everything he’s written. I may not have the degrees and schooling Dr. Sowell has, but I sure feel good knowing our minds work in the same direction so often.

The ever-popular “October Surprise” is Dr. Sowell’s topic for this morning. Here’s a small sample:

This year’s October surprise that is getting the biggest play in the media is the revelation that California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman once employed a housekeeper– at $23 an hour — who turned out to be an illegal immigrant. It is great political theater, with activist lawyer Gloria Allred putting her arm protectively around the unhappy-looking woman.

But why anyone should be unhappy at getting $23 an hour for housekeeping is by no means clear. Maybe she is unhappy because Meg Whitman fired her when she learned that her housekeeper was an illegal immigrant, despite false documents that indicated she was legal when she was hired.

What is Meg Whitman supposed to be guilty of? Not being able to tell false documents from real ones? Is that what voters are supposed to use to determine who to vote for as governor of California? A far more important question is whether voters can tell false issues from real ones.

First let me mention that I have been a housekeeper, and anyone who makes $23 an hour at it is ripping off their clients. That’s getting into Unionized Mail Carrier territory.

THIS, Dr. Sowell reminds us, is what we should look for whenever we spot a Red Herring that’s been flung into the conversation:

At one time, Governor Jerry Brown was riding high in the Democratic Party, and was considered a rising prospect for that party’s nomination for President of the United States. Then something happened that told us all what kind of man he was.

You’ll remember that little “something” when you read the article.

One other thing – don’t count on the LameStreamMedia to remind others what kind of people are running for office. They have their own agenda and Truth and Honesty are sorely missing in what passes for “reporting.” But you can find all you need or want to know about nearly anyone or anything, with a few little clicks of your keyboard. Welcome to the 21st Century’s version of the printing press used in the American Revolution.

My percolator is done, and the smell of coffee is wafting through my little house, so I’ll end here with a wish for you to have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by!

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