Why hasn’t Congress passed the Good Weather Act and the Everybody Happy Act? ~ John Stossel

We’ve gotten the Pixie fed, had some fun, got her 3 year vaccinations and some groceries, and sent her on home with her mama and daddy. A beautiful day. Now, I have plenty of chores to get done, prep work for the Retreat coming up in 15 and a wake-up, and I thought of making a broccoli cheese chowder tonight…but FIRST!

John Stossel is my go-to guy for common sense, market-driven policy discussions. I wonder how much frustration he felt in his gut as the “debate” about Free Healthcare went on. Tons. Had to. Congress is not given to market-driven common sense in ANYTHING, they are driven by lust for Power and Fame. A very bad bunch…very bad.

Here are some excerpts from Stossel’s latest column at JewishWorldReview.com:

Health insurers Wellpoint, Cigna, Aetna, Humana and CoventryOne will stop writing policies for all children. Why? Because Obamacare requires that they insure already sick children for the same price as well children.

That sounds compassionate, but — in case Obamacare fanatics haven’t noticed — sick children need more medical care. Insurance is about risk, and already sick children are 100 percent certain to be sick when their coverage begins. So if the government mandates that insurance companies cover sick children at the lower well-children price, insurers will quit the market rather than sandbag their shareholders. This is not callousness — it’s fiduciary responsibility. Insurance companies are not charities. So, thanks to the compassionate Congress and president, parents of sick children will be saved from expensive insurance — by being unable to obtain any insurance! That’s how government compassion works.

In 2014, the same rule will kick in for adults. You now know what to expect.

McDonald’s may get a waiver, but I like the Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon’s take on that: “Sorry, but I don’t find it comforting that Obamacare gives HHS the power to waive these regulations on a case-by-case basis. Power corrupts. We’ve already seen HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius use other powers granted her by Obamacare to threaten insurers who contradict the party line.”

In a letter to the trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans, Sebelius wrote there would be “zero tolerance” for companies that attribute “unjustified rate increases” to Obamacare. “Simply stated,” she wrote, “we will not stand idly by as insurers blame their premium hikes and increased profits on the requirement that they provide consumers with basic protections.”

So, let me get this straight, Your Majesty…if a company determines that they must charge more in order to provide the service YOU REQUIRE them to provide, you will prosecute them? In your Wisdom and Compassion you will drive companies out of business, and their owners and employees and suppliers and support staffs onto the welfare rolls…and possibly put them in jail!?!?

Dear God, save us from those who profess to want to help us. Please continue to work on my sagging spirit and grant me the ability to see these Public Servants as the Clowns and Fools they are. Help me to deal with whatever jackasses and chaos they cause in the lives of those I love with the amusement at idiots you blessed me with at birth. And God, wouldja touch a few of ’em with a lightning bolt or two, just to remind them of the things they don’t rule? Thank you for my beautiful family, my wonderful home, this terrific weather, and that same ability to laugh…Amen.


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