Shula’s 347

I called the Sam Kouvaris show today, to participate in the Seven at 11. In honour of the 7th anniversary of Schwartznegger becoming the Governator, the question was who would you like to see as Governor. Anyone presently running was disqualified from this one, which made it easier for me. Ditka, Tiger, Tebow, Rick Flair were all mentioned…when my turn came, I said that I’d choose Sam Kouvaris. I’ve watched Sam do sports here in Jax since we moved here in 1985, when I was pregnant with Lovely Daughter. She thinks he’s cool as hell, too!


Lunch or dinner for two at Shula’s at the Sheraton. The ol man knows where it is. Seven dollar ice cream for dessert, anyone?


Someone else plans, shops, cooks, serves AND cleans up?




  1. Sounds absolutely yummy!

  2. Chili’s in Palmdale. Just cause we wanted to.

    1. Kait’s sister in law works at Chili’s, we used to eat there now & then when Duffy was in LxPrk. I try to go places to eat things I don’t fix at home, so Thai is our #1 choice when we go out, with Five Guys (East Coast version of IN&OUT) burgers being a close second.

  3. I was at Chili’s for a Margarita Friday.

    1. So how were the margaritas? Haven’t had one in a long time. Had a virgin version once, but I like tequila, so without tequila a frozen margarita is just an expensive lime slushie. Meh.

      1. Grin. Pretty good.

  4. Nothing can match In and Out Burger!

    1. Don’t like their fries all that much…but in my (seldom humble) opinion, the burgers I love most on earth are at Rod’s Drive-In in Havre. It’s what I compare ALL burgers to, and Five Guys and Steak & Shake are my favorite replacements. Sonic’s are close, too.

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