“Tax cuts for the economy,” does not have the same political pizzazz as “Tax cuts for the rich.” ~ Thomas Sowell

This week, Thomas Sowell looks at the Wisconsin candidates for the U.S. Senate in the upcoming election. Russ Feingold has been the Wisconsin choice since 1993. Being a major player in Congress, he either ignored or never knew the Constitution he swore an oath to protect (see McCain-Feingold Bill). I’m going to go with “ignored” on this one.

Dr. Sowell also points out the mushy thinking – or maybe it’s not mushy, maybe it’s what the man actually believes, but in either case, it lets Government take more Power and money from We The People – of Feingold’s stance on tax cuts.

From the column:

According to Senator Feingold, we cannot allow high-income people to continue to get the Bush administration tax cuts because the federal budget needs the money.

It has been shown so many times, in many administrations, as well as in other countries, that reductions in tax rates do not imply lower tax revenues. Often it has meant more tax revenues, when people change their behavior in response to tax cuts, and the resulting increase in economic activity generates higher incomes.

It is “tax cuts for the economy,” but that does not have the same political pizzazz as “tax cuts for the rich.”

Thank you, Dr. Sowell.

Another BEEEootiful Tuesday morning in NEFL…my Pixie should be here in an hour or so, and I look forward to seeing her. Y’all have a fine day, and thanks for stopping by!


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