Friday Funnies!

Mallard Fillmore on Government Schools:

Day By Day on the upcoming election:

On that same theme, another Mallard Fillmore:

For your listening and viewing pleasure, on this BEEEootiful Autumn Friday, I give you – Ray Stevens:

If he’s good once, then let’s go for twice as good:

I’ll be shopping for groceries for next weekend’s Retreat later today, and the ol man has to take his 3 leftover vacation days this weekend, so hope to see you around real soon, thanks for stopping by!



  1. LOVE it! Every one of those assholes that has made an economic mess of our country needs to be experiencing unemployment up close and personal. Any company that “hires” them so that they can help grease the way for juicy government contracts needs to be completely boycotted.

    1. Went to the Orange Park Fall Festival today. Had some kickass shrimp creole & saw some good friends. Picked up a t-shirt at the First Coast Tea Party booth. They gave me a box of tea with their qualifications on it. Great stuff.

      Shirt is blue & says:


      in white on the front. I couldn’t resist, I haven’t had an obnoxious shirt in a LONG time.

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