Monday, Monday…and I got nuthin’ but BUSY!

In general, I just love Mondays. Grandpa has taken the Pixie to the playground. I have a load of jeans in the dryer. The bathroom needs cleaning REAL BAD.

I have to make one more batch of Barley Vegetable Soup, plus the shopping trip for non-perishable food for the Retreat. I have little or no time to sit in here and compose posts this week. I’m going to assume that those who come here to read my brilliant postings will forgive this seemingly lackadaisical attitude. If you could see what’s going on {right here} instead of just reading what I write, you’d know this weekend and the rest of this week are chock full of tumultuous, often chaotic, non-stop BUSY!

You know most of the political drivel that’s out. The Post Season in baseball isn’t going the way I’d prefer. The Jaguars won’t lose to the Titans again until tonight.

I know, how ’bout some music!!!

Here’s s group my dad listened to a LOT – before I’d ever seen St. Louis, or Memphis or the Wabash – the second song is one of my childhood favorites:

Canadian memories:

From Paint Your Wagon:



  1. Well, above all, have fun! If you can’t goof off on a nonpaid labor of love, like blogging, what can you goof off at?

    1. Exactly my thinkin’ Swampie! I’d had the Limeliters on my mind for a couple days, that’s what got me sitting at the computer in the first place.

      The songs seem to follow a theme…that time of year again, I guess.

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