I love Mondays!

Arrived back at the house around 3 yesterday, sent everyone who participated off by 4 or so. Set the furniture back where it usually goes. Watched a little tv, Ate part of a New York Steamer from Firehouse Subs that John had left for me – oh yum! Duffy got home from doing pack-out around 6:30. Went through the comment sheets – no one hated it enough to say so – then he watched some football & fell asleep. I waited till 8 to go to bed, he came in around 8:30, turned off the tv before 9 & woke up cold this morning just before 6. Still don’t feel rested, but then again, I seldom feel rested. Duffy had a NASTY cold all weekend, didn’t “participate” much, but seems to be on the mend now. He’s taken today off, too – must be nice, as my workday starts in about 90 minutes and I don’t know where the percolator is in the trailer.

The weather was perfect ALL weekend. Then when we arrived home yesterday the Blue Angels were appearing at the Air Show. It was, as always, an amazing thing to see.

To show I’m still doing my duty, even thought this duty is stricktly voluntary, I checked in at Paco’s to see if he had anything good to read. No surprise to find a link to P.J. O’Rourke’s latest column at The Weekly Standard . Good stuff.

Will try to post a picture I took on Retreat, no guarantee that’s happening today, though. Y’all take care, thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Duffy got up just as I was posting that, and found the percolator for us. Gooooood coffee.


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