Must-View video from John Stossel

So, are your local/state/federal politicians telling you that the creation of jobs is important? AND that Uncle Sugar is the only way to create said jobs? Have you ever tried to start a business? Have THEY? John Stossel says this video he’s posted ought to be required watching for government officials getting ready to pass more regulations. I believe it should be required viewing in EVERY high school and college and university, AND should be shown to all government workers just after the drug test.

I feel awful this morning, but the ol man still feels like last week’s lunch, too…what a wonderful combination. Might go try to vote today…oh yeah, hearing test, too – hubby thinks I’m losing my hearing. Twenty years after I first mention it… I do not remember the last time I had my hearing tested. Grade school – 5th grade, I think. Should be fun, the woman who administers it is Lovely Daughter’s mother-in-law and I don’t get to visit with her often.

Summer temps are back during the day, making this part of October just miserable…but it cools off better than summer at night, which gives some comfort. Y’all have a fine day now, y’hear, and thanks for stopping by!


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