El Presidente? El Jefe? Sieg Heil? Comrade?

Maybe Your Supreme Highness? (cough/hack/sputter/spit)

The latest post at Paco Enterprises contains this paragraph:

The trip is an example of shocking excess, although it does serve as the perfect coda for the recent Republican victories, and for Obama’s inability to face facts. Not only does he have feet of clay, but apparently ears of tin, as well. The unemployment rate is higher than it has been in decades, we are buried under a mountain of government debt, and the aggressive expansion of federal power has just been thoroughly repudiated by the voters – and our president, having uttered remarks to the press that provide ample proof that he still fails to grasp what has happened, flees to the other side of the world. Maybe he has been told that there will no Fox News reporters on hand.

I SO wish I could disagree…but I can’t.

Found a link to Stormbringer at my brother’s place (Old Retired Petty Officer) that follows my line of thinking, too. My favorite quote, from the Election Day posting:

The American People were sold a bill of goods by a compliant media that turned a blind eye to the indicators: Barack Obama was raised by Marxists (his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, his mentor Frank Marshall Davis), associated & mentored by radicals and terrorists (Saul Alinskey, Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorhn), preached to for twenty years by a foaming-at-the-mouth fanatical hater of America (Jeremiah Wright) . . . and married to a woman whom by her own words is “not proud of her country.

Stormbringer also notes that “If Barack Obama is not a Marxist, he most certainly is not a believer in the Capitalist way that made America the richest, most productive nation in the entire history of the world; more powerful than the rest of the world put together,


Barack Obama might not be a Muslim, but he most certainly is not a Christian.

Hell, I am more of a Christian than El Jefe.


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  1. Sean does have a way with words! I read him regular.

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