Yesterday was my birthday.

This is a picture of some of the people I got to spend it with – dinner Sunday at Sticky Fingers – FOUR kinds of ribs, and the BEST beans and loaded potatoes!

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Another in a LONG line of wonderful birthdays.



  1. Happy birthday! Now that I got enough candles on the cake to set off fire alarms, I do stealth birthdays.

    1. Me, too. No cake, no balloons…the Pixie was VERY disappointed! I got birthday money and promptly spent it on new bakeware – 2 loaf pans, a 9×13 cake pan, and 2 different sized open roasters. Don’t really need 2 but they were on sale, so got 2 for the price of one…and now Kait can borrow one if she needs to. She’s becoming quite a cook, too.

      And thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m serious, they just get better, and I don’t know why. Except I’m so grateful to have ’em, maybe.

  2. Happy birthday, and yes they are beautiful.

    1. Sometimes I wonder how I got such cool people in my life, but I don’t ask that so often anymore…I’m just thrilled to HAVE the life I have. Thanks for coming by, Merilyn, hope you visit again.

  3. Awww your sweet, Mama! Can’t wait til next year!

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