“Sheer hogwash reigns supreme.”

Having missed this ‘feature’ on Tuesdays for awhile, we return now to Tuesday With Thomas (Sowell, that is). I’ve been disorganized and kinda off kilter for several weeks now. Better today, but hey, it’s only one day.

Once again, Dr. Sowell puts words to thoughts I have myself:

Deficit commissions make it politically possible to spend money first and get somebody else to recommend raising taxes later. They are a virtual guarantee of never-ending increases in both spending and taxes.

I think men who sit at tables and talk to each other are the bane of our existence as a society. Having seen such wastes of time in my personal life, it’s upsetting to notice it also in the life of my government. TALKING does not build or solve anything. ACTION does. And I don’t mean the namby-pamby version of “action” politicians mean, where passing a new law to ban or limit or tax something is seen as “action.” I mean physical, sweat-inducing, purposeful MOVEMENT.

Cutting defense spending to save money? That is one of the oldest moves in the liberal play book. Some soldiers may pay with their lives for this, but that could be years from now– and after the next election, which is as far as most politicians think.

The Obama Tax Increases are coming soon. No commission is going to tell The Current Occupant and His Merry Band of CongressWeasels that continuing the Bush tax cuts is a good idea. They all believe We The People have too much of their money, and that must be remedied at the earliest possible moment.


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