Stonewall Jackson(ville) Jaguars 24, Cleveland Browns 20

What a great weekend. The weather was perfect both days, with temps in the 70’s and plenty of sunshine. Duffy hiked that section of the Florida Trail, even though he had a self-inflicted busted foot. He stopped on the way out of town and wrapped it with tape, which I got to Rrrriiiiiiippp off when he got home. No gauze. (snicker) I got my floors mopped and changed the beds and washed the rugs and listened to my favorite speaker tapes. GREAT day. Went to bed early. Slept a long time.

Yesterday, I had the Pixie here with me while Kait and her daddy went to the movie and the Pixie’s daddy did some school work. Don’t know about him, but Kait got A’s in both the classes she took this semester. Yes, I am a proud mama, why do you ask?

Then, an afternoon of football, with the Jaguars getting another miracle win at the very end of the durn game. Not too many years ago, when we didn’t live here yet, they were known by some as the Cardiac Cats. I think the name fits this year better than it ever did! First in their division? Over the COLTS – because the Jaguars beat the Colts earlier in the season! Amazing. And, OH YEAH, the Titans lost, too. (snicker)

The ol man grilled up a perfect ribeye again, and we watched Jimmie win his 5th Cup in a row, windows and doors open to the perfect November In NEFL weather. I went to bed early again, was wide awake when the Kitty Alarm went off at 0530.

Had my Fosomax, now enjoying a nice cup of coffee and listening to Mike and Mike online. My Pixie will be here around 0830. I have an appointment to get a new driver’s license today. Had this one over 7 years, since just after I got back from Hawai’i. Doesn’t look a BIT like me anymore. So, y’all have a wonderful Monday, and thanks for stopping by!


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