Among my many blessings…

My only real hobby anymore is playing around with this computer. I’ve managed to develop a few online friendships over the years, many as a result of my friend in SoCal who now calls Texas Home. When we were stationed in Hawai’i, she sent me a link to an Australian blog that I just couldn’t get enough of. Tim Blair has since moved to other quarters, but most of what I affectionately knew as Blair Nation still throws a drunken reunion whenever Blair’s out of town. Andrea posts pictures I just love at Spleenville. There’s SwampWoman, who resides near A1A South, and is only a short hour’s drive from me – though I’ve yet to meet her. Kae is my Aussie friend at Bloodnut Blog, and who could forget Richard at Three Beers Later, who is NEVER short on opinion…or women, it seems. But I gotta hand it to The Leader of the Rebels from Blair Nation, Paco has outdone himself again.

I am now cheered up some (not my favorite time of year), and am amused enough to have a cuppa and catch a few moments of Monday Night Football before I call it a night. Thanks, Paco, and ALL of Blair Nation. You add so much to my life!

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