Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy End of 2010!

Duffy’s working. I’m going to a party. And taking another man. Duffy’s actually here going through his hiking box to find his compass. Bunch of ’em are going for a walk in the woods tomorrow. The man I’m taking to the party is Scott. We’ve been friends awhile, and have adopted each other as brother […]

Good cookin’ weather

I have some ham hocks in the freezer. I have a bag of Navy beans. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful – and tasty – relationship, doesn’t it? Here’s the ingredient list. I don’t know if I have any carrots, and I’ve not put tomato soup in my bean soup before, but we’ll give […]


Looks like all we have to do is get through about 48-60 more hours, and things should get back closer to ‘normal,’ weather-wise, during the day, and a bit warmer than ‘normal’ at night.


In case you missed it – maybe you spent the weekend and this morning in a cave on a remote island with no weather-reporting snow-bunnies – we had some snow yesterday. Kait and Chris were a bit late arriving here, as they were enjoying the white stuff falling from the sky at their place. Kait […]

Merry Christmas!

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

My back is killing me. Still have some presents to wrap, but I think they’ll wait till tomorrow. I am REALLY glad I have the extra day to prepare, cuz with this cold I have, I really need it. Happy Happy and Merry Merry to you and yours!

Eve Eve

My Pixie has been gone for most of the afternoon. The ol man left about 40 minutes ago. I feel like dog doo. I’d dearly love to take a nap, but I’m really afraid I’d miss the alarm and I promised a friend I’d pick him up and take him to the meeting. I’m hungry…or […]