A LOT of what’s wrong with our country is summed up in Stossel’s column today.

With permission from frustrated officials who’d watch government repeatedly fail to clean up the park, Biederman raised private funds from “businesses around the park, real estate owners, concessions and events sponsorships. … (S)ince 1996, we have not asked the city government for a single dollar.”

Sounds good to me. But not to Shirley Kressel, a Boston journalist.

I asked her what’s wrong with getting the money from private businesses, as Dan does.

“Because it goes into private pockets,” she said.


Here’s Ms. Kressel’s answer to Stossel’s question:

“Because it’s very good (for Dan) to use to use the public land for running a private business, a rent-a-park, where all year ’round there’s commercial revenue from renting it out to businesses. He keeps all that money. People don’t realize that.”

Ms. Kressel seems to have a REAL problem with capitalism. Remind you of anyone you know? Like the Current Occupant and Your Elected CongressWeasels, maybe? And at least half the people on your city council and PTA?

God, please help me keep the sense of humour you gave me…it’s getting tougher every day, but I’m workin’ on it. Amen.


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