Readying For Hibernation?

It’s been unseasonably cold here in NEFL for a week now. I don’t dislike it, but I like to cook when the weather’s like this, and I cook things I like to eat. I fixed some smashed potatoes yesterday in preparation for turkey in gravy…then today I made a big pot of collards…and schnitzel to go with it. My friend in SoCal gave me her directions for schnitzel and I love it…even though I didn’t have any lemon juice. Still YUMMY!

Angelika’s Schnitzel
Wash and dry very thin veal or pork. If you can’t find it, have butcher cut it for you.
Pepper and paprika on schnitzel,
Dip in flour
Dip in egg ( mix egg with 1 tablespoon of oil)
Dip in breadcrumbs of your liking…
Dip into extremly hot oil, like deepfry for a couple of minutes on each side
Salt after its cooked and serve with fresh lemon wedges


So, going through the email, this is what I find:

Might try the dill sauce someday, but think I’ll stick with Angelika’s recipe.



  1. Tried your recipe, minus the Paprika [alergic to spice], and it was beautiful. Thanks. Thank you for my birthday greeting on Paco’s blog.

    1. That’s great, Merilyn, thanks for letting me know! And you are very welcome.

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