The bug I’ve been outsmarting and outrunning for several weeks has finally caught me. I am “under the weather.” I got the dishes done after the ol man left for work, the Pixie went home early, and I am now going to bed. I feel like last week’s lunch…and it’s been getting worse since about 2 this afternoon. Bleh.

Enjoy this while I try to heal completely OVERNITE!

I leave you tonight with some advice…

UPDATE: No better tonight, but not much worse, either. Easy day, and the weather cooperated. Even had doors open for a bit. Humidity was back up some. Can’t seem to get enough to eat but don’t want to have to clean up a mess when I’m done, so making do with stuff I don’t have to do any prep or use any dishes for!



  1. Sick?……sick, you can’t be sick at Christmas time, come on, chin up, big smile, oh o’k then, get well soon, Merry Christmas.

  2. Merilyn, the worst part is I’m a homemaker…so no day off, no being waited on by others, making me tea and toast and soup while I nap to mindless television. If I don’t do it, it ain’t getting done. So, well or not, Life goes on. Thanks for stopping by, though, hope you and yours are well!

  3. Yep, know full well what you mean, even on my rare sojouns into hospital, have to direct operations from there, and try and get out as quickly as I can. Probably still be doing it from my grave!

  4. Oh, dear. I was hoping it was one of those 24-hour things that would be short, violent, and over. Hope it’s not like one of those Groundhog things where it means six more weeks of coughing!

    1. Yeah, I was kinda hoping the same thing, Swampie. Instead it’s going to just hang around at the MOSTLY MISERABLE status – not bad enough to skip the chores and go to bed, not good enough to feel much like doing the stuff I have to do.

      The sudden arrival of nasal dripping is the worst part, I think.

      1. I just grabbed a carton of 18 eggs outta the fridge, hit them on the side and accidentally opened the little egg carton latch doohickey, and dumped them all over the floor.

        I was trying to make room for the groceries that I’m bringing in.

        Maybe I’ll just dump the other 4 dozen out right on the floor, too. *sitting down at the computer doing deep breathing exercises to enter a zen-like state of calm which ARE NOT working*

      2. I’m thinkin’ CRY or SCREAM…but at the VERY least, Swampie, please SWEAR!

  5. I meditated on the possibility of the eggs becoming one with the floor. Then I gave it up, and squeegeed up their scrambled remains.

  6. […] no Sunshine Band, but she’s got the next best thing: a couple of songs my the always sunny Ray Stevens and, as a bonus, my favorite Alvin And The Chipmonk’s […]

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