Eve Eve

My Pixie has been gone for most of the afternoon. The ol man left about 40 minutes ago. I feel like dog doo. I’d dearly love to take a nap, but I’m really afraid I’d miss the alarm and I promised a friend I’d pick him up and take him to the meeting. I’m hungry…or at least I’d LIKE to EAT…but I still haven’t cleaned up the kitchen from all the other messes I’ve made today. Maybe a pot pie in the microwave…which is in the workroom…yeah, great idea!

As you can see, I’m playing around with the theme. I like this one for this weekend, but I think I want a button for Twitter…and maybe Facebook. I really dug the simplicity of the last theme, with the option of changing the colour, but there was no “About Me” tab that I could find and I like having that available. ONE of these days, I outta learn what the words mean that can help me do a bit more with the options provided here. Yeah. When I have more time during the day, maybe…in 3 or 4 YEARS!

Anyway, here’s some more music from my days as a small town kid on the Northern plains:

And of course you know it’s not even slightly about presents and food and buying and spending and eating. Always loved this Christmas special. Guess I love it still.

Don’t you?

Are they even allowed to show THIS part on television anymore?

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.



  1. Ooooooh, that’s purty. I need to make a change, but I (wait for it…) don’t have the time.

    1. Swampie, I used time I shoulda used for other things…but those things will all be waiting when I get to them, cuz ain’t nobody else gonna do ’em for me. No idea when I’ll take the time to change from this to something that doesn’t SCREAM CHRISTMAS!

    1. I love Floyd! Thanks, Kae!

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