Looks like all we have to do is get through about 48-60 more hours, and things should get back closer to ‘normal,’ weather-wise, during the day, and a bit warmer than ‘normal’ at night.



  1. I’m sitting at my computer in the house with a long-sleeved shirt on, and one of those fluffy outdoor zip up vests from the Gap on top of it. It feels comfortable!

  2. I can’t dress that warm sitting at the computer during the day, Swampie – it’s the front of the house, direct sun, no curtains. And the heat vent is in the ceiling about 5 feet behind me. Everywhere else in the house, that sounds good…if I add gloves, cuz my hands are freezing.

  3. I’m just really glad that this is supposedly a warm, dry winter because we’re in the La Nina phase. Imagine how damn cold it would be otherwise.

    *sigh* Well, they got the dry right, anyway.

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