In case you missed it – maybe you spent the weekend and this morning in a cave on a remote island with no weather-reporting snow-bunnies – we had some snow yesterday. Kait and Chris were a bit late arriving here, as they were enjoying the white stuff falling from the sky at their place. Kait grew up with much more of that than Chris, since she remembers time at her grandparents’ in Indiana and the time we spent in Bremerton…and she was with us one Christmas in Maryland where it snowed beautifully. But Chris last saw snow – here in Jax – when he was 5! Seeing as how it was our Family Christmas, and having grown up in Montana and Alberta, it warmed my heart – but little else. Holidays with my cousins almost always included snow, and I have missed them more than I can explain. Did me good.

The present-giving/ present-getting was a resounding success. I got a new jacket, now known in Levi’s-lingo as a trucker jacket. My Loving Husband found a men’s small for me, somewhere, and I am eternally grateful. I’ve been wearing denim jackets that were worn OUT by my dad and my husband for over 20 years now, but this one is MINE! I get to wear it out myself! My Pixie loved her ViewMaster and the Play Doh with scissors and rolling pin she got. The ol man was more than satisfied with the 3 books he received – 2 about hiking, one on recommendation from the well-read and irrepressible Paco. And the kids were so happy with all their new bedding – including a new down comforter – that they weren’t the least bit happy about getting up for work today.

The turkey and gravy lived up to expectations. We had cheescake and apple pie (next time I’m making them from scratch, I swear). I’m going to post this and go have… the last of the potatoes slathered with gravy and bits of turkey? Mmm…think I’ll settle for turkey on white with miracle whip and pepper for now…less fuss, fewer dishes!

Woke up at 2am with this song in my mind..



  1. New format/theme is pretty cool!

    1. Hey, thanks! It’s only taken me six freakin’ months to find the time to find one I could stand for more than a few minutes! This one’s easy for me to read, dark text on white is my favorite…and my eyes favorite!

      All my links are rolled into Blogroll, but I think I can live with that.

      I need a road trip, really envy your trip to Wichita!

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