Happy End of 2010!

Duffy’s working. I’m going to a party. And taking another man.

Duffy’s actually here going through his hiking box to find his compass. Bunch of ’em are going for a walk in the woods tomorrow.

The man I’m taking to the party is Scott. We’ve been friends awhile, and have adopted each other as brother and sister. Gives me a lot of leeway to tell him what I think. He can’t drive anymore. We go to meetings AND parties together, and he’s been on most of our Retreats, finally agreeing to become a Team Member. It’s great having another brother!

Anyway, I gotta go see if I can find something decent to wear. It’s not a dress-up party unless you want to, and it’s Rick’s 20th annual New Year bash – I went last year, too – and the food is always good and the company is FABulous. No one gets drunk and pukes in the bathtub or the plants, which is always the mark of an excellent party in MY book.

Thanks to everyone who stops by, everyone who reads my posts and recipes and opinions…and everyone who comments. You add so much pleasure to my life, and I am honoured by your friendships. I hope the coming year for you and yours is productive, healthy, and fun. See you again tomorrow!

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  1. Happy New Year, have fun at your party.

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